Why the Bible is hated" /> Why the Bible is hated" /> Why the Bible is hated" />

Adapted from an article by R.Comfort posted on facebook 11/17/14


We must always keep in mind the reason so many hate the Bible. This is an important issue to understand,


If the Bible is God's word:

  • People are accountable to God
  • For Fornication
  • For Adultery
  • For Sinful thoughts and imaginations and lusts
  • For lying, stealing, cheating, and a host of evils

So the hard nosed agenda of the human heart is to prove:

  • That the God of the Bible is unjust in His judgments
  • That there are errors in the Bible, thus discounting its authority
  • That their is a contradiction between the God of the OT and the NT
  • That there are atrocities in the Bible, and hypocrisy
  • That therefore the thought of judgment day and Hell are bogus

Most are searching after truth about as much as a man dying of thirst searches after salt ("There are none who seeks after God"-- Romans 3:11). They rather want to bolster their case for an "evil" Bible, so they can fortify their worldview with what they think are mistakes, contradictions, atrocities, etc., within its pages....



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