I try, but cannot understand the Bible." /> I try, but cannot understand the Bible." /> I try, but cannot understand the Bible." />

"I read the bible and don't remember it, and it doesn't stick and I don't seem to be getting anywhere" said a young believer to a more mature Christian. This older brother was at the kitchen sink, tidying up after a meal -tidying up for his wife. The older brother thought for a moment and continued at his task. He took one of those old aluminum web strainers that was quite dirty and gave it to the young man and told him to fill it with water. Of course he protested saying that wasn't possible, but the older brother insisted. So the young man began to run the strainer under the running water, watching it never fill.


Occasionally the older brother would look over at the progress. Eventually he had the younger brother look at it now. It had not held the water, but it was clean. In the same way, the word of God cleanses the believer who reads it regularly - even when it takes some time to understand it, in the progress of understanding there is a cleansing that takes place. This is the ministry of the laver of the tabernacle, the word of God cleansing the believer.


Understanding the book takes time and is precious as knowledge and love of Christ is gained, but it always cleanses.


- adapted from a message by Jim Flanigan at about 28 minutes into this message:  http://voicesforchrist.org/welcome/search?q=flanigan+tabernacle+christ