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The word "Beautiful" is worth tracing in scripture, samples:

  1. Abraham's wife Sarah was beautiful. Genesis 12
  2. Moses was a beautiful child Exodus 2
  3. David committed a great sin because of a woman's beauty in 2 Sam 14
  4. Job's daughters were beautiful Job 42
  5. Jerusalem the joy of the whole earth, was beautiful Psalm 48
  6. Praise is beautiful Psalm 147
  7. God has made everything beautiful in its time Eccles. 3:11
  8. Solomon refers to the Shulamite's beauty twice S.of Solomon 6 & 7
  9. The Branch of YHWH (Messiah-Christ) shall be beautiful. Isaiah 4:2      .  .   this is the best one, is it not?!
  10. Those bringing glad tidings from God have beautiful feet Is.52 & Rom.10
  11. Jerusalem's past beauty contrasted with her sad state is repeatedly mentioned in Ezekiel 16
  12. The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls Matthew 13
  13. The temple was adorned with beautiful stones Luke 21
  14. One man lame from birth begged alms at the gate of the temple that called Beautiful Acts 3
  15. The rich man will perish and fade in his pursuits like the beautiful flower perishes in the heat.

In contrast, the NKJV appearances of the word "ugly" (ill favoured KJV) only appear in Genesis 41, 6 times