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Unpleasant Preachers:  Humorous and painful anecdotes by AP Gibbs


  1. The MUMBLER:  Tries to speak with his lips closed, giving the impression of having a small potato in his mouth.
  2. The YELLER:  Unlike the mumbler can be heard 2 blocks away. Begins, goes on, and ends with a roar.
  3. The SING SONG:  Consists of a chant, the voice rising and falling with calm rhythmic flow, ending as a lullaby.
  4. The MONOTONE: No indication in the face, voice, or gesture, of any emotion whatsoever.
  5. The VOICE DROPPER:  Drops the voice at the end of sentences to a whisper.
  6. The REPEATER:  Repeats his sentence over and over as if his audience was deaf or mentally incompetent.
  7. The THROAT CLEARER:  Consists of a slight but entirely unnecessary clearing of the throat throughout the address.
  8. The MEANDERER:  A sermon as a series of disconnected remarks that seem to occur to him as he speaks.