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Written 4/14/12 -- Here in the west Coast it is 6:45, one hundred years ago the Titanic hit the iceberg 5 minutes ago. That morning many of them had been to the church service on the mighty liner. In the UK and the east side of the world hundreds had sat to remember the Lord. No doubt there was some discussion afterward about the great ship, but how quickly all was to change........ Tonight on the west coast at 9:20 she split in two and some 6 minutes later lay at the bottom of the ocean. As one survivor said, "the screams for help from those who knew there was no help was unbearable, a loud wailing filled the starry sky, and then the voices grew steadily quieter until all that was heard was the lapping of the water against the sides of the lifeboats. One by one they had gone into eternity. From Astor with all his millions, to the pauper in steerage, all gone.

We are reminded "For what is your life, it is even as a vapor." "There is but a step between me and death." "We must all needs die." Let us not water the gospel down; it is Heaven or Hell for eternity, and tomorrow is eternity just hidden from your view.

by Rowan Jennings