How much does sin weigh?" /> How much does sin weigh?" /> How much does sin weigh?" />

An open-air preacher was telling the old-old story when a thoughtless youth yelled out, "You tell us about the burden of sin. I feel none." Then he added flippantly, "How much does it weight? Eighty pounds?  Ten pounds?


The preacher answered the fool according to his folly: "Tell me, if you laid a 400 pound weight on the chest of a dead man, would he feel it?"


"No, because he is dead," anwered the youth. The preacher responded, "and the man who feels no load of sin is DEAD spiritually."


The lad's remarks only proved what he was. How true is the scripture: "DEAD in trespasses and sins." (Eph. 2:1). Do you, reader, feel the burden of your sins? If you do not, you may aught to....feel alarmed. You are DEAD spiritually. 


Picture a man lying dangerously ill, and suffering intense pain. Suddenly the pain leaves him. He tells the doctor that he is much better. The pain has left him. He will soon be well. The doctor shakes his head. He knows better, the sick man is doomed; he is physically dead as to feeling pain and soon the end will come.


Is this a picture of you spiritually? You feel no concern about your guilt. You have no apprehension as to your eternal future. The situation is alarming. WAKE UP before it is too late.