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Finishing Well

During the last couple of years of T. Ernest Wilson's life on earth, I tried to visit him whenever I could, it was after his beloved life’s partner “had gone on before”. This brother in the LORD whom I had esteemed since an age of 7 or 8, slowly grew more and more depressed, he lost his eyesight, then his hearing and he could not understand why the LORD had not called him Home. He constantly fought a battle w/the feeling of uselessness, now I know why the LORD laid it on my heart to make the 12 hour round trip each day I went for a visit – I now battle the same fight, if I had not the privilege of prayer I too would be useless. We talked about the past when he did some things that would rival the Apostle Paul in 2 Cor. 11, back when he was in Africa (a pioneer in Angola long before roads, and modern conveniences). But he loved to speak of the mighty deeds of other slaves to their LORD and SAVIOR much more than he did about himself. I’d read him from the Bible and many days I’d leave vocally hoarse from speaking loud enough for him to hear).

But I never seemed to be able to cheer him up, Satan was doing everything in his power to even the score. I believe it was the last time I saw him this side of Glory, but, may be wrong on that, anyway, I walked thru the door and immediately saw a changed man, more like the one I knew before he lost his wife, not the younger man who arrived on the west coast of Africa with no idea of where he was going he just knew his trusty machete would get him there (GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT truly in the lead, his trust was not in the machete, but it was a tool he would put to good use before he arrive in a land much like Abraham, in that he had no idea where it was when the GOD of GLORY told him to go, he just went). Anyway his soft meek smile had returned to his face and his practically blind blue eyes even twinkled. I could not wait for formalities to be over with, “what has made the CHANGE in you dear brother” I exclaimed ever so eager to hear his response, I was desperately hoping he would not beat around the bush, I WANTED TO KNOW!! “Is it that obvious? He replied, YES, YES it is and I can’t wait to hear! Was my reply, well he said, “the LORD finally showed me why he has not called me home yet, HE really does have work for me to do.” What is it, what is it? “HE has left me here to show YOUNG MEN HOW TO DIE.” He said it with a smile! You could have knocked me over w/a feather! I was so dumbfounded I was speechless, I still get chills when I think on it. We actually spent the rest of the visit thanking GOD for the work he reserved for brother Wilson to do. If I get Alzheimer’s I do not think I will ever forget that day, it has been my prayer ever since that if GOD does not send HIS SON before (to rapture me), that he might count me worthy of the same calling, perhaps I envy that in his life more than anything else he suffered for the LORD in his years of FAITHFUL SERVICE. I truly believe we need more men & women like brother T. Ernest Wilson today – true EXAMPLES and not lords over GOD’S heritage.

as told by C.I.

Any interested in the ministry of T. Ernest Wilson would be encouraged to obtain a copy of his book “Angola Beloved” or to listen to his ministry on Various events from a long useful service in Angola can be gleaned by simply listening to his ministry as events are intertwined in that oral ministry.